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Gary Peterson Art Blog

The Intellectual Handyman On Art

by p3t3rson , October 21, 2000—12:00 AM

Topics: art, essays

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The Intellectual Handyman On Art
A Compilation of Essays by

Gary R. Peterson

The Intellectual Handyman On Art is a compilation of Gary Peterson essays pertaining to the arts and sciences, mostly. This is his third book.

The resident author, artist, and musician at, Peterson has the tools to construct elaborate mental scenarios whether he's waxing analytic about art aesthetics or just tinkering with wordplay. He can turn a phrase with a pipe wrench or warp your perspective with a french curve. His essays are tributes to critical thinking, each one crafted for your enjoyment like a top-forty pop song with the rigor of a doctoral thesis.

These ruminations provide high-grade literary nourishment for your left brain, supplemented with enough humor, passion and warm fuzzy sentiment to tickle your right cortex as well. And illustrations aplenty. You don't need a PhD to enjoy these philosophical anecdotes, but it couldn't hurt. You can read The Intellectual Handyman On Art at the beach, bus stop, or in the staid ambience of your estate library, all with the same result__?__??edutainment of the first order. In paperback and e-book.

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My thanks to all here at who have inspired me and supported my work, but especially to Michael Mize and others whose charitable comments I have quoted on the back cover of this book. -GRP



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