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Gary Peterson Art Blog

Strumstick Blues

by p3t3rson , September 25, 2009—08:28 AM

Topics: drumstick guitar player

I'm mostly in a musical mode lately, but if anyone's interested...




  Gary Peterson ( homepage )

10/01/2009 * 08:52:07

Thanks, Mary - Jimmy Page and his violin bow notwithstanding, that's also the first time I've ever seen or played the guitar with a drumstick (although I flip it over and play it like bongoes now and then).


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

09/28/2009 * 15:25:19

This is absolutely the first time I have seen a guitar played with a drum stick. Bottles, picks, sure but not a stick. I love it. Thanks for that very welcomed musical respite in my day. Carry On!

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