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Art in America magazine

by p3t3rson , April 8, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Art in America, art critic

Just a quick toot of my own horn: Art in America magazine has published my Letter to the Editor in the April '09 issue (on page 22).

I've always enjoyed reading that esteemed art journal which now includes a regular feature by writer/critic Dave Hickey. I wrote a mostly complimentary critique of his article "Revision #5 - Quality" (Feb. __™09) about art criticism and valuation, and was pleasantly surprised to see my words published along with his reply in the April issue.

Gary Peterson




  Gary Peterson ( homepage )

04/27/2009 * 07:59:47

Thanks, Zander, for all of your support and encouragement. My apologies for not checking back sooner.


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

04/13/2009 * 18:09:16

Hi Gary- I really enjoyed reading your letter in AiA, April 2009, congratualtions again! Zander


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

04/10/2009 * 06:46:06

Congratulations! I will read the letter asap and probably brag to my friends!

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