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12/06/2007 * 20:37:22

I have a very beautiful etching of an Elf Owl. It seems to be signed S. Ovian, or perhaps S. Ouian. I was wondering if you might know the artist who made the print.



12/12/2005 * 15:00:54

Thats very interesting!

To answer your question Ovian
is an Armenian name and I am
Christian. In fact Armenia was
the first nation to accept Christianity as its national religion.
Ovian actual was derived from
Ovoian. My father changed it
around 1930 ti simplify it.
Its always great to hear from
another Ovian. There aren't too
many of us.
Are the many Ovians in India?


  V.E. OVIAN ( homepage )

12/09/2005 * 07:51:29

I am amazed. I never knew there are people who shared my name in the world.

n my language (TAMIL, official language spoken in the region of TAMIL NADU, INDIA) '' OVIAN'' means a PAINTER. And I find your name is OVIAN and you are a PAINTER.

I find there are a few OVIANs in the state of MA in USA. Is this a catholic or a jewish name - just for curiosity, if you let me know.

By the way i appreciate your wild life paintings a great deal.

please accept my regards
Venugopalan Ezhil OVIAN

Apt 2 c,
Ramanachala Apartments
15/1 Banaswadi Road
Bangalore 560 005

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