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Late bloomer interested in watercolor; artist in Austin,Texas; prefer small desktop pictures; commission only for large installations under consideration; video productions are possible; Hispanic/Latin influences; spiritual peace and inner space creativity is of special interst Add Comment


I was born to an alcoholic prostitute mother and a herion addicted father. Poverty, neglect and abuse were common in my childhood. Ultimately, my siblings and I became wards of the state. While at the children's home we lived in a different world where our needs were taken care of. Singing, painting, playing and just having a good time were encouraged and supported so we learned a different way.

When I left the children's home (after 7 years) I went right back to what I knew from my early years. I was abused for the next 16 years and became an alcholic myself.

On January 17, 1993 I drank my last beer and for the grace of a Power Greater than me, I can honestly say I have not used alcohol, marijuana, or any other "sneaky" drug since then.

Throughout my life's experiences I loved to draw, paint, sing, play music, etc. I didn't keep any work I did. I thought no one could possibly be interested.

I changed my mind. Maybe someone out there MIGHT like or want one of my pieces. So here I am...(smile).


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