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Abstract Art has become a phenomenon throughout the art world and we now welcome the exciting art of Mr. Carl Edward Hillery. Carl Hillery adds magic to any canvas with the stroke of his brush. The colors are truly exquisite and his abstract work is awe-inspiring. 6 comments


Carl Edward Hillery was born 1957 in Brooklyn, New York and he began painting and drawing at the age of 6. As a young child and growing adolescent, Carl would be forever scribbling shapes and compositions on pieces of paper. However, being constantly dissatisfied with his creations, and always believing he could do better, he would usually toss the finished work into the trash.

His mother, fortunately, was aware and proud of her son__™s artistic talents; she would retrieve the crumbled papers from the garbage and keep them aside as testimony to his unique gift; a gift that was showing remarkable potential for the future.

After graduating from Bowling Green State University, Carl continued to nurture his passion for making art throughout the years but it was not until age 36 that he decided to dedicate his time and his energies totally to his artwork. In 1994, he launched himself into full-time creative activities, encouraged by the support received from friends and colleagues who had been enthusiastic admirers and purchasers of his previous works. He felt that this was propitious moment in time to fulfill a dream that he had held for so long.

Much of Carl__™s work is influenced by his childhood experiences growing up on the streets of Brooklyn. There is a raw and very pure technical quality to much of his linear, geometric, black and white abstracts. One is reminded of the swirl of complex, urban architectural shapes that distort our horizons in the great metropolis.

Working mainly in acrylics, his color abstract paintings are vibrant with unblended hues, and textured layers on fine delicate background patterns; others are experimentations in multi layered canvases that add another dimension to the geometric shapes. They depict simple symbols, circles, squares, triangles and interwoven lines that form a hypnotic maze pulling the viewer ever deeper into the canvas. Carl manages to retain brightness and clarity in his work because of the simplicity of the elements - even though the overall compositions, as a whole, are often complex. One senses that he has found himself in his art, has found his direction in life, and his own calm way to navigate through it.

Carl Hillery prefers not to give names to his creations. He wants each individual buyer to make his/her own interpretations of the images and to name the piece accordingly. In this manner the new owner has a greater affinity to the work and a personal understanding and appreciation of its abstracted content through the given name.

Carl has established a loyal following among abstract art enthusiasts. His present clientele includes both well-known celebrities and young up-and-coming artists.


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