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Walter Vermeulen Art Blog

My Art, Inspired by Music

by old76 , November 14, 2009—12:00 AM

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Color pencil on Steinbach paper 11×14 (no. 100-1990) - Elton John Songs Illustrated - This is an early old76 drawing, the first one I really was satisfied of. Inspired ofcourse on the CFATBDC album with Elton's Fantastic music & Bernie's Wonderful lyrics.

One of the first paintings I really felt good about was this version of CAPTAIN FANTASTIC AND THE BROWN DIRT COWBOY... It was exactly my 100st drawing and I made it in 1990.

I liked the Elton John with his high hat who's reading the lyrics that Bernie Taupin, the brown dirt cowboy on his horse, wrote for him. It made sense to me. Being such a huge Elton John fan I HAD to draw this image... And I always was an admirer of Bernie's lyrics.

Ofcourse it's a well known picture of Elton in his younger days which I tried to draw in my own way. I also was a calligraphy man in those days. "From the End of the World to Your Town"... the well-known slogan, still today. It all came together again when Elton brought out his THE CAPTAIN AND THE KID in 2006, showing for the first time Elton and Bernie on the cover of the album.

It's one of my first drawings I feel proud of. I made a sort "remake" of it by making a painted collage on a record (LP) that I bought in a used record shop in Tucson. I painted in acrylic the record surface and collaged my own drawn images of all those years ago (ofcourse, printouts!) of my Captain Fantastic and the Brown Cowboy on the LP.

Since 1990 I have come a long way. Art has become my passion, with all kind of new discoveries along the way.

There are a wide variety of Pop Icons represented in my works. I invite you to visit my galleries here at

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