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Walter Vermeulen About

Music Inspired Artwork. 7 comments


Walter Vermeulen has been creating music-inspired artworks for over 21 years. He began by creating collages to illustrate the themes of his favorite Elton John songs. Eventually, he came to the realization that he could draw these collages himself.

The "collage" style of his drawings and paintings have become his trademark. Another trademark is the written lyrics that appear in every piece he creates. It is the music and the lyric that provide the inspiration from which the artwork is produced.

Sometimes the artwork comes directly from the music. Other times, the subject is drawn or painted, and the title of the piece comes from the music that is playing in the studio at the time.

The beauty of these pieces is in the details. Each piece invites the viewer to come closer, to examine the piece as a whole, and to also examine the individual aspects of each section. When the viewer looks closely at each piece, he will discover small secrets that exist, small treasures that the artist places there to be discovered.

These artworks are best experienced with the music that inspired them, for this will bring the maximum experience. These pieces offer the viewer the opportunity to slow down and look deeply into the piece, and to let the imagination take hold.

Walter's artwork reflects popular American music in a way that is unique. His subjects range from Elton John to Elvis, from George Strait to George Harrison, from the Beatles to Dire Straits, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.

He has been commissioned to create original artwork for charity auctions, in particular Elton John Aids Foundation events in Boston, Orlando, and Melbourne, Australia. The piece created for Melbourne was presented to Elton John and is now in his private collection.

Walter's work has a worldwide following, with clients in Europe, Russia, England, Ireland, Brazil, Australia & New Zealand, Canada and the USA. He is mostly known by his nickname "Old76".

To date, Walter's portfolio includes over 2000 pieces, and each piece carries it's own unique number to identify it's place in history.

Artist's statement:

My inspiration comes from popular music, and I like to create artworks which illustrate the lyrics and emotions of the song.

Since 1988 I am making artworks. My inspiration mostly comes from the music we hear every day on the radio, cd albums, concerts, preferred bands or artists etc... and I try to create a drawing/painting around the theme of the song. In other cases I focus on the artist or group. I always try to give it an own original interpretation, a new look musically inspired. And it is very possible that other people might see something completely different in it. That's fine for me.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my work.

Walter Vermeulen (aka old76)