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Tom Boepple Art Blog

Enid Courthouse

by okartist62 , April 22, 2009—12:00 AM

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This is the first Christmas Card Art I did for downtown Main St. Enid. This is the Enid/Garfield County Courthouse.




  Mary Ann Kitchell ( homepage )

04/24/2009 * 18:34:36

Hi, Tom ....

Of all your Christmas cards, I like this one of the Enid Court House the best. I think maybe it's the sky, and it looks like "Christmas". Cold and festive.

The card of the Chief Theatre also caught my eye as it is very similar to a drawing I did of the Strand Theatre in Summit, NJ .... except there was no extra "roof" on the Strand. Maybe all old movie theatres look alike?

Do you print your own cards or have them done? What paper do you use?

Keep painting!

Mary Ann

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