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I love to be alone in my studio painting something I'm passionate about. My old records are playing and the view of Skaneateles Lake keeps me company. Life does not get better than this. Step into my studio and explore my world. 1 comment


I started painting in oil when I was 45 years old. My father, Harry N. Davis, was a god gifted artist who I admired while growing up. I alway knew that I would paint too someday but I waited until my Dad was 76 to start lessons with him. He was a great teacher who passed away in May, 2006. He taught me about passion and being able to see what others pass by. He would stop the car and point to a cluster of pine trees and talk about the branch shapes, different color of greens he saw and different types of trees. This is the stuff you don't get in art class rooms. I try to paint everyday to feed by soul and get lost in creating.