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Alex(andra) Slingenberg About

Alex (Nighthawk) Wildlife, Western and portrait artist. born in Athens greece is Dutch by nationality international in spirit. her chosen mediums are: acrylic airbrush fabric paint on leather. oil based china paint on porcelain. and water based silk paint on silk. style: realistic detailed paintings that specializes in eyes. Add Comment


My passion for art and wildlife, in particular, has come from many sources. It is an on-going journey of self-discovery, a joyful learning process that feeds my soul, influencing my growth as a wildlife, western and portrait artist.

This not only has influenced and inspired my own style of realism, it has also motivated me to develop new techniques of painting, plus the use of unusual canvases, such as porcelain, leather and silk, in an effort to capture my chosen subjects.

Nature is always a constant inspiration and by sharing my passion with others, they too might become aware of nature with all its wonders.

May we all share the goal of preserving it__™s majestic beauty and maintaining the delicate balance of natural habitats for the earth__™s magnificent creatures and for ourselves, so that we may continue exploring the wonders of this planet we call home.

Specializing in eyes. Eyes the windows into the heart and soul, be it animal or human. Eyes that reach in and touch your heart with their fierce, untamed beauty or their soft gentle gaze-capturing the viewer, never more to let you go. This is what I attempt to achieve in all my paintings.

Thanks to all those amazing teachers, mentors and fellow artists who have guided, inspired and enabled me to grow as an artist, enriching my life in so many ways.

This is art as I see it- hand painted on leather and porcelain. Hope you enjoy this developing journey in art.


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