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Nicole Steele About

I am 25 years old and mostly self taught. I took only a few formal art classes in high school. Add Comment


I am very new to selling my art. Most of my pieces have an immense about of emotional meaning to me. Alas, my walls and portfolios are starting to fill up.

I am currently dipping into the world of color. I have primarily done black and white (usually graphite and some charcoal). I am learning to love each medium that I use. I have fallen in love with charcoal and the dry brushing technique. With charcoal you can get the darkest of darks and with the dry brushing technique you get a softness, and smoothness that I couldn't get as easily with graphite.

I love and use the interent to my advatange. Not only can I view amazing videos but, I can also talk with other artists. Learn new techniques from them. I learn from their mistakes as well as make my own.

I hope to keep drawing and possibly start painting in the future.


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