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Formula for creating a great piece of artwork

by nfsimms , May 20, 2009—05:54 PM

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Formula for creating a great piece of artwork FORMULA FOR CREATING A GREAT PIECE OF ARTWORK

SELECTING YOUR SUBJECT First we have to select a subject that is interesting to us. This subject should have meaning to us in someway. You will be spending a great deal of time on this personal masterpiece so don__™t rust this stage. This is your foundation.

ARRANGING YOUR COMPOSITION After we have decided on the subject matter we want to paint we have to establish the arrangements of shapes. The arrangement of these shapes (negative and positive) should be the foundation of your design. Once this arrangement is established do not deviate from it. Variety is the key here. Take your time and make all of your negative and positive shapes vary in size and shape.

CREATING THE DRAWING After the shapes have been establish we have to create a more defined drawing. I have more information on how to create a beautiful and accurate drawing, but for now I will say an accurate rendering is necessary at this stage of the artwork.


Now, it is time to let your viewer to know what is important to you by creating a focal area. This will make the artwork more exciting and interesting. You can use soft and hard edges, complementary color, contrast values, just to name a few of the ways you can accentuate the focus. This all adds to leading your eye to the focal area of your painting that you want the viewer to notice or that jumps out at you first.

CREATING REALISM Chiaroscuro an Italian word, CHIARO, light and OSCURO, dark is a term use for producing lights and shadows. We need to create the value for our artwork. These values will include Lights, Half tones, Highlights, Darks, Core, and Reflected Lights. If the artwork is to contain color, before hand decide whether the artwork will contain a High, Medium, or Low Key. Also decide whether what temperature (cool or warm) the tone will be. Note: Before concentrating on the colors, layout the values in gray tones first, before adding color. Do not overwhelm yourself with to much at once.


When working your artwork, make sure you create some kind of harmony.

Having a limited palette using an analogous color scheme will create nice harmony in a picture. Also know what mood you ideally like to display. Eliminate unnecessary objects __" create a kind of mystery.

Follow the steps above and your painting will be seen as have a beautiful taste and will most likely be an exciting painting.



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