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Neena Singh About

Neena Singh (b. India 1962) Neena Singh has held many solo exhibitions. Her works are in the collections of private and corporate collections. Add Comment


I am a self taught artist. I hold a doctorate in Sociology. liberated me and enriched my being, freeing me from the condemned Sisyphus-like existence by giving a purpose to my life...i don________t create from a space of poverty and my works don________t portray the sordid,violent or particularly ugly aspects of life and experiences..this wasn________t deliberate..I believe that ugliness , betrayal, violence has corroding effect on our diminishes us and makes us despondent,therefore there is no place for any trace of monstrocities in my art ..what comes on my canvas is what is still untouched by malice..the pursuit of beauty in the larger sense i.e. Satyam , Shivam , Sundaram is an integral part of my art practice.

The very process and act of painting helps me to go beyond the rational and cerebral pursuits which happen to be my prime concerns by virtue of being a civil servant by my profession, which is a significant part of me, i have the compulsion to operate within embedded structures..hence, there is a tremendously powerful urge to break away from all boundaries..therefore painting is spontaneous, intuitive in a way quite basic and infact, liberating for me..

Painting, for me, is an attempt to get a glimpse of that which sees me..gradually, i have learnt to surrender to the process and let the presence emerge...the process of painting creates a twilight zone which bridges the gap between what is visible and what lies beyond the between these two zones infinite possibilities exist and it is in that space where art happens to me...


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