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Nancy Rodrigo Guestbook



  Nancy Rodrigo

05/01/2012 * 12:21:24

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and comments. My work changes along with my life experiences. I still do the memory pieces, and find those to be more about the process. One thing that is consistent is my fascination with color and light. My recent work is inspired by O'Keefe but also my own interpretation of nature (ocean life, human body, cloud formations).

I like your work very much, and particularly the weather project. I love your use of color and form. Clouds and the sky is fascinating; and you've captured the essence of the constant change and moods, lights and darks.

Please let me know if you're ever in Brooklyn.I invite you to come visit my studio in Park Slope.



  Kerry ( homepage )

04/30/2012 * 21:25:23

May14Kosta Dean Melina,I confess that I have leerand much more from my daughters and from my students than I feel I have taught them. And its for the reasons that you bring up. They see the world clearly because they are still pure and uncorrupted! Great post!


  Elias ( homepage )

04/28/2012 * 01:27:43

Thanks Colin.The image is part of our flickr group, , daidceted to abstract photography. This post shows the 20 newest images that have been added to the group and, due to the nature of the feed, the image you are referring to will soon be removed from this page. However, we would like to provide a link so anyone reading this post can see it : .


  Suzan Scott ( homepage )

05/08/2011 * 09:05:24

Really like your Abstractions.

Georgia O'Keeffe had a unique vision and ability to visualize and synthesize her experience of nature.

Memory Art pieces are beautiful. I like the assemblage pieces, boxes, etc. very much. Rich.

Do you know New Haven (CT) artist Aileen Ishael? She tells stories with collage/boxes as well.Your work reminded me of hers.


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