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Nancy Rodrigo Rooted in earth, reaching fo..

Rooted in earth, reaching for skyUntitledUntitledLyrical GreenGreen SpiralUntitledReachingA sliver of whiteWaves IUntitled
Rooted in earth, reaching for sky
24" x 20" x 2"
Painting / Acrylic
$850.00 Purchase

Rooted in earth, reaching for sky

This painting and its content symbolize the multi faceted challenges faced by women. We are pulled to earthly obligations, of nesting, raising our young, tending to others-through all manner of time, weather and tides. Our biology is both a gift and a burden-we are broken into pieces to accommodate forms, roles, internal and external challenges. We are archetypal, goddess like in our resolve and courage-able to adapt and grow like a garden, be the garden, harvest...and in doing so, we lose parts of ourselves, we lose limbs, dreams, sometimes we lose our lives. We struggle to move freely, and safely in the world. Women stabilize, stretch up to grow-and the higher we strive to reach and break the ceiling of patriarchy-we are pulled equally downward by those same aspirations, by back lash, violence, sexism. This piece also has personal significance for me. I am permanently disabled, living with an auto immune disease-I struggle with the crush of the inside and outside of my body. I am trapped, and fragmented yet I strive every day to grow roots to strengthen myself against the onslaught of pain and symptoms. These roots manifest themselves as my internal creative life, which nourishes and feeds my spirit so I can venture outward beyond my physical limitations. It is a double edge sword; chronic illness robs me of many facets of an active and healthy quality of life yet it has created for me a more powerful internal world, giving an opportunity for tremendous growth and awareness as an artist.