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Nancy Cupp Art Blog

Waiting To Be Born

by NancyCupp , August 17, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: abstract art, babies, curved shapes, new life, vivid colors

The title I chose for this recent painting is called "Waiting to Be Born". It is a 22" × 30" watercolor painting I did a few days ago. I've been fascinated with flowing curved shapes and have done various colored pencil drawings and paintings of curves, just to see where it would lead me. I love the beauty of curved shapes. I like to do it when I'm feeling creative, but, don't really have a subject in mind. It gives me something to do, to keep those creative juices going. It is easy and fun to do. It makes a nice exercise to try how colors work against each other and how the lines flow.

As I was working on this painting, I had nothing in particular in mind, other than a study in curved shapes and colors. I began looking at it from different angles and noticed what looked like a fetus in the womb. The other colors and shapes that emerged, seemed to go with it, almost telling a story of the mystery of new life, with all it's fascinating wonderful possibilities of what this new life could be in all its complexities. So full of new life, so precious, full of hope, excited and waiting to say..."Hello, world, here I am!"




  Judith Ribbens ( homepage )

08/18/2009 * 14:49:41

hi, LOVE YOUR WORK! I like your Way Out There gallery idea too. I can't help going in many directions. I believe that's the nature of being creative.

I'm responding to your comment on my site about giclee.
I found a printer here in Wisconsin through another artist. If you look in the yellow pages or go on the web and google in 'giclee printing' or 'printer giclee printing' for your area, you will find those who advertise that they provide this service. Giclee printing presses are not the usual type of presses that all printers use. They are very expensive for the printer to buy so not all of printers have them.
Once you've found one in your area, go there and ask to see samples of others' art reproductions and also ask about their prices. Most printers charge separately for scanning in the image, mine charges by the square foot, and then the actual reproductions cost more. PRICES DO VARY. VISIT MORE THAN ONE PLACE IF YOU CAN. Be sure to ask what else they provide.

You will have the right to approve each item. I am very fussy about getting true color and I try to leave the painting with the printer so he can get the best possible match. Of course, in my mind, nothing is as good as the original, but not everyone can afford that and I believe people should have as much access to art as possible.

The great advantage is that you don't have to order more than one print at a time. However, you may be required to buy more of the smaller items. Email me if you have more questions.

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