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BlissUntitledDaisyBORN AGAINRed RoseHis Splendor
14" x 18" x 2"
Painting / Acrylic
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This acrylic painting is also painted along the sides of the canvas, so that a frame is not necessary. It is protected by a mat varnish. Some of the paints are iridescent and appear to change colors as the viewer moves or the lighting changes. It is called "Born Again" since butterflies are symbolic of new life. Each butterfly is different, just like the different types of people, each unique in our own way, and yet, gathered together in God's kingdom as a thing of beauty in God's eyes as we become part of His glorious kingdom, being joint heirs with Christ. Do you realize that we are all created in God's own image! He thinks you and I are beautiful! I love bright colors, as you can see in most of my works. God loves color too. Someone once said that when it comes to the different races, God is color blind, trying to infer that God is being fair and unbiased. Then, why didn't He make us all look the same? I say God loves all the different colors and variety in people. Look how we are all so unique.There is such unique variety in all the different races in humanity that we should celebrate it for the unique beauty that each has to offer. This painting is symbolic of the new life and unique beauty that each person has, not only as a member of the human race, but, as joint heirs in God's kingdom, when we accept Christ as our personal Savior and we become a thing of beauty as brothers and sisters in Jesus, no matter what our past has been.