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Nancy Cupp About

Nancy Cupp is an American artist that uses watercolor, mixed media, acrylics, colored pencil, etc. to explore the wonders of God's awesome world. 6 comments


I've always expressed myself through singing and the visual arts to touch people's hearts. When I was five years old, I almost died from an auto accident. There was no car crash, I was the crash, or my head, that is. I was playing with the door knob, while my dad was driving down the highway and the door flew open. I don't remember the accident, except when my dad carried me into the hospital and I lay there and begged him to pray for me before I passed out. I woke up from ten days in a coma at the same time our church held a special service to pray for me. During that time of prayer, God woke me up and I am fine to this day. My mother always told me that God saved me for a special purpose. I never was quite sure what that purpose was, except I do like to touch people's hearts with my music and art to show them the way to Jesus and His love and compassion.

I'm a graduate of Anderson University with a BA in Visual Arts. I taught high school art for 3 years, as well as 2 years of art and music in private Christian schools.

I'm retired now and paint to my heart's content. I also paint in the back of the church sanctuary during the service, as my expression of love and worship for Jesus.

I enjoy painting things from nature, things that only God could make, such as flowers, animals, landscapes, people, etc. When I paint natural subjects, I can see God's "fingerprints" all over them and I am just in awe of His majestic creativity. While I can never come close to what God creates, I still keep trying, because it brings me a little closer to HIM.


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