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Nancy Farmer Art Blog

Beginning at the End

by nancy_farmer , March 26, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: calendar 2014, etching

The incredibly helpful people who run ArtID have retrieved my old account for me, which has been unused for some considerable time on this site. So, I am back, but that in fact is not the reason for my title.

In the meantime I have been busy, as always, and I thought I would show you my latest picture. It had to be on the blog, because it is not yet ready for sale. This is in fact the very last of 12 Medusa etchings, hence, beginning at the End...

Last year I painted 12 fairy pictures for a calendar for 2013. It was finished barely in time, and so, determined not to get caught out like that again, I launched straight into the pictures for 2014 - an all-etching, all-Medusa calendar. If you would like to catch up with work-in-progress, check out this archive on my Wordpress blog. But they shall be appearing here, too, in good time.




  Mario Brunet ( homepage )

03/28/2013 * 22:30:00

very pretty,Bravo!!!!

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