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Nancy Farmer Nursie Spank it Better (imag..

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Nursie Spank it Better (image 7/4) 5 greetings cards
6" x 4"
Photography / Color
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Nursie Spank it Better (image 7/4) 5 greetings cards

5 greetings cards (identical or mixed pack). Price includes shipping.

Sale Details:
You can have any combination of any of my Fetishdollies pictures on your 5 cards, or simply 5 all of this picture. Your choice. Please email me with the numbers in the titles of the images if you'd like a mixed pack. Cards are blank inside and come with a white envelope. They are handmade from postcards and very glossy and cute. About 4x5.5 inches.

About the Fetishdollies:
This is one of a little photography project I've been doing for some time. All a little risque, and some of it is quite indecent, but it keeps me off the streets! There is no trick photography in any of this, just patience and handmade accessories. The subject matter varies from merely suggestive, to downright obvious sex scenes: straight, gay and lesbian, S&M / BDSM scenarios, and quite a lot of general silliness. All, I hope you will find, done with a sense of humor.

Art Prints Also Available:
I generally only offer greetings cards of these images, because that seems to be what is popular, however, if you would like the pictures to grace your walls, I can also I can print them as high quality giclee prints, too. Send me an email for more information.