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Nayade Maturana About

I am a recent graduate from Moore College of Art and Design, with Batchelor's degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. I've been an artist since I could walk, I do it all, I love to paint, sculpt, charcoal, draw, name it, if its artistic I love it! Add Comment


I was born in Chile, South America which is were most of my influence comes from. However, I've been here all my life. My favorite artist is Frida Khalo, because her art has so much feeling and that is what I'm trying to portray in my art as well. My best work, comes from my heart. I try to never force myself to make things, because usually they never turn out. I have to be inspired and in the mood and I will create a masterpiece. I guess you could say that my work is realistic, with a tad of creative imaginary images. I try to create things that look real, but couldn't possibly be real. Most of my work are actually different images in my head put together into one. I also enjoy mixing medias, to fool the eye.


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