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Featured Space artist on esa/hubble telescope website. I work with oil on canvas and pencil portrait's and illustrations. Add Comment


Born in 1952 on the outskirts of Dover, Delaware. At age five was given up to foster care, along with his older sister and two younger brothers. Murphy started school in the second grade and was considered gifted, he excelled in mathematics. At age eight was put into a private school, Elizabeth W. Murphy School. This was also the year he discovered a talent for drawing. He had drawn a picture of a rotary telephone, and upon returning from recess someone had taken it. His teacher felt bad, and suggested that Murphy draw something on the chalkboard for Christmas. It turned out to be a twelve foot long mural of the three wise men arriving at Bethlehem on camels. The entire school of three thousand toured the class room to see his drawing. An obsession for drawing had begun.

When Murphy was ten President Kennedy set the goal of landing a man on the moon and returning safely before the end of the decade. Murphy wrote to fifty two states letters, one for each state capital, chamber of commerce asking one question. How were they involved in the space race? The response was overwhelming. Receiving a stack of information that was almost as tall as he was. Not only were all fifty two states involved in the moon mission , many countries around the world were participating in this great Co-operation.

Jack Lewis a well Known east coast water color artist and his wife Dorothy Lewis, Murphy__™s high school art teacher, Took him under their wing and encouraged his art. At age sixteen Murphy earned his degree in architectural drafting. The same year he was awarded a scholarship to the Philadelphia college of art. 1st place prize for a painting called ___Solitude___ oil on canvas. It was displayed at the Brandywine museum of art. He was voted the talented student at Caesar Rodney High his senior year. Murphy was sent to work for ILC industries with the engineering department. He worked on several interesting design projects. ILC industries was involved with the astronauts space suites and the portable life support systems, for the Apollo crew. It was a very challenging year but the high light was meeting three of the Astronauts, John Glen, Allen Sheppard, and Whalley Shirra.

After graduating and to avoid the draft Murphy joined the Navy. Did his basic training at Great Lakes, was assigned submarine duty at Groton Connecticut and New Port Rhode Island. Attained the rank of petty officer third class. After completion of this military obligations, he moved to the West coast of Canada, and settled in Vancouver, B. C.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Murphy started a house painting service called ___Generation II painting and decorating.___.

He met the love of his life Wendy Waterman and they married in 1974. He attended The ___Provincial Vocational Institute of British Columbia and earned his Journeyman papers in 1978. Their son Christopher Brian was born in 1979 and daughter Samantha Jonice was born in 1987.

In 1988 after ten years as a Journeyman painter/contractor, Murphy received his Master painter status. Some of his work has appeared in the ___Better Homes and Garden___ magazine. He was chosen to paint three of the pavilions at the worlds fair Expo 86, Pouring all his passion into becoming the very best painting service available, neat efficient, and economical. A combination of traditional techniques and modern coatings, to provide the longest lasting and best looking results possible. Without advertising Murphy has always had more than enough work. Running a business leaves little time for hobbies, however Murphy began to paint scenes of space with oil on canvas. Producing one or two paintings a year, until the late nineties when he became a member of the ___Federation of Canadian Artists___ and active member of the ___Vancouver Arts Council___. He produced a dozen paintings for a show at a local gallery called ___Just Originals___ and sold the all in two weeks. He also invented a board game called ___Watch out for the Asteroids___ a game of strategies and luck.

In today__™s world of high speed high tech world, with cell phones emails digital music and photography, instant messaging and constant change Murphy paints scenes of space that can only be reached by the speed of imagination. After displaying his art work, a local paper claimed that, ___Not since Norman Rockwell has a house painter produced such amazing art works.___ Murphy says, ___We need to establish long term goals as Earthlings. The rewards of planetary co-operation will be well worth our efforts.

By the year 2000 Murphy had painted more than 12,000 homes and businesses through out the Vancouver area. 2001 Murphy and family sold everything and moved to Florida to be closer to his family. Starting over at 50 is not an easy thing to do. His now living and working in the Plant City area, painting houses during the day and working on canvas at night.

Became a member of the ___Plant City Art Council___ (Fine arts division) and a founding member of the ___Plant City Artist__™s Association___ He also joined the ___Brandon Art League___ and the newly formed ___Brandon Arts Council___.

Murphy does not agree with all the popular views on the direction of our advancement into space. In today__™s society we need to earn our way , it has to be profitable, and it will be. Asteroid mining will be the foundation for building our stairway to the stars. Volumes could be written on this subject, but instead, over the past few years Murphy has produced over a hundred paintings showing snapshots of the future.

In 2006 he started showing his work around Plant City, entered a painting in the Plant City, Strawberry Festival and won a prize for a painting called ___Starberry Nova___

January 2007 The internet began to open many doors. The ___National Space Society___ Sponsored a world wide art contest for their 2008 Space settlement calendar and Murphy was one of the winners for a piece called ___Inside orbital City___. You can order your copy of this calendar on line at

One of the prizes was from ___Beyond Earth Enterprises___ , to send an item into space. Murphy has completed twenty miniature oil paintings of space and has packaged them for launch.

Earlier this year Murphy entered a breath taking painting in the ___International Art Contest___ for 2007. The painting is called ___The Pirates in the Que___. It stands at over six feet tall and four feet wide, and was hand painted with oils on canvas. This painting may be viewed on line .

Murphy__™s art works may be seen and purchased on the internet. His work is now appearing on many web sites around the world.

The esa European Hubble site, Setti Universe site, National Space society, Talent Database, My Art Profile

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