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Mary-Sonya Conti Guestbook



  Janeece ( homepage )

12/31/2011 * 19:44:14

How neat! Is it raelly this simple? You make it look easy.


  Elmadani ( homepage )

02/26/2011 * 16:50:01

Nice artworks , they are wonderful ,

Kind regards ,
Elmadani Belmadani


  Dee Callahan ( homepage )

08/29/2010 * 01:21:58

Love the sensitive paintings you've put under "small works"; Gallery~"Challenge"

Colors are lovely and themes endearing~ Thanx for sharing~


  Hazel Ross ( homepage )

07/04/2010 * 01:07:34

The English Country Cottage... gorgeous... did you paint this on a trip to England? It looks just like a cottage that I used to pass by when I lived and worked near Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire back in the 1980's! It is such a pretty area!

Thank you for stopping by. Alas, have not been to the area YET. Pleased that it is a fair rendering of the countryside. Was developed from a photograph from someone who lives there.


  Michael Moran ( homepage )

12/09/2009 * 18:09:52

Looks like some of the covered bridges we have here in Oregon...and what a body of work...blown away


10/06/2009 * 06:02:30

Awesome paintings Sonya. You are amazing!


  Erika Peluso ( homepage )

09/16/2009 * 11:31:37

Its another gray day in New Jersey and I am so happy I stumbled upon your gallery, it has truly brightened up my day! There are so many different layers to your work, you are an inspiration! Thank You!


  Emily Rider ( homepage )

09/09/2009 * 01:32:39

I really enjoy the way you use contrasting colors next to each other to make the colors pop! Your paintings are beautiful!


  ricardo perez jr ( homepage )

08/30/2009 * 04:29:58

i love yur colors ,perfect for the mood ,rick


  Little One

06/04/2009 * 23:36:44

Came by to see the latest. Good Stuff!! Can't wait to see Zane's Peony.


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

04/05/2009 * 00:23:28

Hi Mary, I just love your painting on Homepage. It is elegant. Good work!!! Love to see it in person -- 2D---great. Millie



04/04/2009 * 17:29:09

This painting on Homepage is absolutely wonderful. I love the concept too. Your work is elegant. millie


  Dina Kerik "Queenie" ( homepage )

03/17/2009 * 20:17:07


Your work is jaw dropping! I don't believe you can DO this with pens and inks and water colors and acrylics!




02/21/2009 * 17:25:50

The work of your hands are blessed!

Truly you must inspire many artists to
want to draw as well as paint.

In some of your art work it is like seeing 3-dimensional and you could almost reach out and touch the scenes!
Absolutely beautiful work and we carefully watch your work and share your website to many! Paint your heart out, your talents and gifts surpass many!



02/20/2009 * 20:24:36

Grapes of Niagara

I swear this is something I would see in a cafe shop. you should really give it some thought in putting your work in cafes, winerys etc., I think, as well you would be exceptional at painting murals in eaterys or winerys. That should be another avenue you should look into. Your paintings do all the talking for us. They really do tell a story of the good old days. Or a familiar place in our past. Keep up the brillant work.



02/20/2009 * 20:19:04

Moon over Hocking Hills.
What is the story behind this painting. I have work of yours that would date me if I say how far back I purchase it. (smile) hint, is when you were painting back in Indiana. Your works of Tales of Life, Convey and In Life inspire me and reminds me of days long ago. you capture the light beautifully in all your paintings. Some artists put in owls in their landscape work or some kind of mark specific to their work. I have a special question as well you know artists have a signature they put in their paintings or trademark if you will. What would your signature trademark be in all your work? I know, inquiry minds want to know. Keep up the fantastic work.



01/01/2009 * 17:06:49

As you know, I know very little about art. I do know when I like something and
I really enjoy your paintings. Please,
remember to believe in yourself because you are really, really, good. !!!!
Love you



08/12/2008 * 16:57:05

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the paintings...I googled you to find this site...couldn't wait any longer!


  amy christeson

06/13/2008 * 21:01:24

Your work is truly stunning. I really love it. I wish you all the best in your work ahead. Please let me know the details on upcoming paintings. You truly could be considered to be one of the next great artist of our time.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

04/03/2008 * 12:20:37

Your mixed media pieces here are really gorgeous. Your use of color and texture are positively hypnotic. I find myself entranced by the surfaces of your images as my eyes roam around trying to soak it all in. It's all fantastic work, but I'm especially impressed by the first image of leaves and rock and the Forest Fire. The sky in your moon image is really unique as well.


  tasia gonzales ( homepage )

03/08/2008 * 10:07:22

Wow, this work reminds me of france, and france reminds me of courage the cowardly dog.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

02/27/2008 * 21:08:24

I like your work, too. It's inspirational. It seems like you just take off on an idea and it takes you to a nice place, and to a nice painting that we all can enjoy.



02/21/2008 * 18:31:38

you do such beautiful work. Its like art from my home town. Something so familar to my childhood.

Keep up the beautiful artwork. you inspire me...



01/14/2008 * 21:03:37

Hey they all look so good. I can tell who everybody is. Love you and miss you.



01/12/2008 * 16:37:09

I just love your work and style. You sure have a great talent. I do a lot of watercolor and acrylics. Look me up. Milliegiftsmith

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