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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

Peony Poetry First Place

by msonya , February 26, 2011—05:57 PM

Topics: Award, Mary Sonya Conti, contemporary art, impressionism, marysonyaconti

November 2010 1st place winner for "Colors" in Light Space & Time Exhibition

1st Place Winner __" Mary Sonya Conti ___Peony Poetry___

Mary Sonya Conti is from Kansas City, MO. As an artist, she always wants her work to express emotion and to convey an atmosphere to the viewer within the boundaries of the canvas. A turn in focus now allows application, translation and experimentation of the brush stroke.___ Her work is with water based media as well as some collage work in various pieces using different papers. Painterly or contemporary is the flavor of her work. Sonya__™s artwork can be found in private collections around the world as well as displayed in Dayton Ohio.



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