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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

a Heart felt Holiday Blog

by msonya , December 19, 2009—12:00 AM

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We socially network, share, twitter, face book, and post. These have become popular vehicles to market our art. But are we really hitting home with these short sound bites? Do folks want more; do they get bored and click away?

Thank you ARTID.COM and to all those who work so hard in making this both a resource and gallery that represents positively for the artist in me. You give me voice and stroke; my thanks at times are not enough.

Also belong to another site: where started this posting early this morn as the snow fell softly o're my world. For all the memories have wanted to share the inner felt emotion of this season to any who happen to cross my path along the way not with a piece of art but with my childlike memory share.

The very best to each of you during this holiday!

Mary Sonya Conti quote This Missouri bred mule just came from the Whispering Musing site of the Inferno and steps back into the Pub that glistens. has that low light glow of a cozy "down home" under the blanket, snuggly warm feel to it. (See why I don't write for the Inferno, smile). There are times that have in the wee daylight hours that are routine and look forward to (Some call it their special time for me). Folks being so busy and distracted (as do I oft find myself press forward and just go with the flow) While reading the musings my mind settles in on a Christmas morning memory from childhood and recall many details. It's one of those earliest memories not sure can place the year/age. The memory slides back so easily due to first real "dusting" of snow. Wet snow the kind that covers all the grayness and shadows of winter. Some light hit's it here and there; I pick out the "pearls" that are not made of mankind but are gifts of celestial upward hand. This memory of peeking out the lace hand made curtains of time. The mind echos with childlike voice singing Happy Birthday to Jesus while the tree lights bubble and glow. The cousins, brothers and sisters spread out on the floor still fast asleep under the mounds of Aunt Lissa's home made quilts and the new fallen snow; I knew that moment was a keeper; even recall thinking "this is special it's mine" To all who enter here and those beyond. Will take this time to wish you much love and light for the Holiday and Blessings in the New Year. Those who celebrate the Holidays with a Menorah, the Christmas trees of others who sing Happy Birthday, the sharing of gifts between us all and those who may even not celebrate at all-your each one a miracle, your special and this time and memory is mine.

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