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Mayan memories - SOLD

by msonya , November 8, 2009—12:00 AM

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acrylic inks and watercolor 3 piece canvas on clay board sizes consist of 10 × 5 (both end pieces) and center support is 10 × 10. SOLD

Such lovely and touching people come my way while traveling down the road on this brush! The client came to pick up the tryptch and was even more thrilled with it in the Sunlight (gold leafing shines in bright light). It's one thing to view the work under Gallery lights and quite another to experience the color and vibrancy the finish showcases in the daylight.

Prints will now be made available but the original has found a loving home!

Bonus p.s.s. This client now has many changes at winning the original Smoky Mountain Autumn for the Dec 5 drawing (the 25.00 increment chances her name is entered makes it possible)



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