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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

The Oracle Anonymous

by msonya , August 15, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Conti, Mary, Sonya, Stephen Blackburn, Trish McKinney, anonymous, aura, don andrews, light, mixed media, mystery, mystic, oracle, theme, wip

Funny how life comes full circle. Realized it when doing latest theme piece Anonymous. As need an updated self portrait (am draped so won't find an entity below the cloth) wanting to capture the "brillo" steel wool that now call my midlife hairstyle rusty red going blue gray; yet show the energy feel and light try to cast when painting the "art". This is a work in progress with concentrated watercolors, acrylic inks and probably throw in some type of "silver leafing" to represent the lightning strikes. Many textures are built into the piece so once again, will be a mixed media piece. Remember the tye dye era; poster art, shirts, clothes in all shape coming full circle or...perhaps just revisiting my teen flower child years, smile.

It's appropriate here to honor my mentors, Trish McKinney, Stephen Blackburn and Don Andrews who's workshops have attended over the last couple of years. Finding Rosie Huart and attending one of her spirtual workshops accelerates and connects many levels in the work! Google their name for exceptional art!

the piece will be finished and posted here and in the gallery at




  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

11/27/2009 * 15:48:04

Dedication of this work is for a light giver in his own right. Anahata.c

Thank you dearest friend for taking the time.


  Anahata.c ( homepage )

11/27/2009 * 15:45:20

by anahata.c on Nov 27, 2009 1:59:19 pm [http://homepage]Renderosity

Sonya, thank you so much for thinking of me & dedicating this to me, it's beautiful & touching, as all your artwork is. It's amazing how the kabbalistic vision uses colors, isn't it: The red, so often associated with heart, becomes the fundament, the earth and the ground of our being. And the colors move up from there, through the solar (associated with the belly & the fire, in the Eastern world), and the heart—here a luminous green tinged with blues in the manner in which you always tinge colors with inner life. And through the deep cosmos blue of the senses, indicating a high place of consciousness, and the beautiful purples of the highest spheres: the spirit aspect, as you say, of light. You've always done magic with watercolors & acrylics, I've always said you had a way of seeing 'inside hues' as if you had a spiritual x-ray in your eyes, and your hues have your trademark sense of love & real mystery. And there's almost a third eye in her heart region, which is fitting (as you know, "anahata" refers to the heart—literally "the unstruck sound" or "the sound without sound," and is believed to be a center of intuition: you've given that center a deep eye-jewel). And her hidden eyes feel as if they're peering through the veils of the cosmos itself. It's beautiful, I deeply appreciate your dedication, and I always appreciate your luminous vision of light & life itself. I'll see your new blogspot & re-visit your other site as well, as it's always a trip back to the fountain each time I go there. Thank you Sonya, and many blessings your way. Your Kabbalistic image is just beautiful.

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