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The Patriot

by msonya , July 14, 2009—12:00 AM

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Belong to site This month's challenge was the Patriot theme. Thoughts of the wounded or deceased soldiers returning home and the families who lives would be changed forever. This has long been nestled in my senses with sadness and being a contributor to the Veterans Charity considered an image that would focus on the families who supported the return home of the ones who made a choice to serve.

As the days turned to weeks it became harder and harder to depict this pain. I became overwhelmed; so my brush became busy with another concept. As have also worked on each of the grandchildrens portrait was reminded that had not yet done a picture of our own "patriot" who was almost born on the 4th of July (went into labor on 4th/but she didn't make an appearance until the 5th) Went with a more uplifting portrait of the 7th Grandchild born on the 5th. While painting the work tuned into the CBS Sunday Morning show commentary on Brian Bradshaw's choice and the fact that his life ended on June 25th same day Michael Jackson had died. Martha Gillis commentary moved me (and am sure many others) to tears. Return to the original concept. This simple piece with the unusual perspective holds the wooden box with the draped flag of our country being escorted home with all love and honor.

The choices made with our lives and this trip home to our families; who is the Patriot? Who do we honor and hold on high, are we as a society missing a note? Is not one as great as the other; yes in life and in death in what we have defended and what we have lost.

Ultimately, named this The Patriot and am submitting this in honor of Brian Bradshaw killed by an IED in Afghanistan on June 25, 2009. There will be no signature on this work. It represents to this one; all those who have had to be flown home in a wooden box draped with the honor this country will carefully fold and give to the closest loved one to the sound of hollow gunshot sounding in a surreal suspension of time. This piece will be offered for sale and the highest possible resolution image will be posted on "" site for sale. All proceeds will be given to the Veteran's Society in the hopes that the funds; no matter how meager will help those returning in need. No mother wants her child "flown" home alone and while the loss is painful the memory of what was Given must be honored. Peace




  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

09/02/2009 * 18:49:52

Featuring this again for Labor Day Weekend. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Veterans Society. If in the area will be in the Oregon Historical District weekend of Sept 12th.


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

07/23/2009 * 10:15:57

16 × 20 giclee (on soft velvet) made and available for purchase shipped directly to your home ($69.00 USD) Shipping handling $12.00.

All work available in any size. Order placed in advance shipping within the week.

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