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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

CBS Sunday Morning Show Sun Duality

by msonya , April 22, 2009—06:46 PM

Topics: CBS Sunday Morning, Mary Sonya Conti, challenges, expressionism, fine art, impressionism, marketing, mixed media, sci-fi, space, sun, theme

Belong to a website of artist around the world. Each month a theme is discussed and then voted on. The artwork submitted for that month is then put in a gallery online. Vikki North and Michael Edens (both exceptional artists) came up with Sun Art which was submitted to the CBS Show this month. Now that we are each in the Shows Library; our artwork has the opportunity to be featured on any given Sunday (we are notified in advance). Please take the time to go over and take a peak at the work. Posting will be this Friday. Might also want to join us each month. Vikki was selected last year for her Sun Art. Go to and look to the right for her National exposure. In a time that we are looking to market our work these two individuals excel in ideas and talent and pull other artists right along with them.




  Madeline ( homepage )

04/23/2009 * 12:49:31

Sonya your work is really energizing...then I see the preciseness of it and I am inspired! As if that's not enough I see how professional you are and all the places your work is featured...thanks for sharing with the world. I really like this!!!!

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