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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

Autumn's Tranquility

by msonya , April 4, 2009—09:56 AM

Topics: Mary Sonya Conti, Prints, affordable, impressionism, mixed media, painterly, personalized

This was a mixed media piece 28×20x1 purchased by a client from the Art on The Commons show in August of 2008. Still receiving comments on the work so have developed various views of it in photoshop. Prints available.




  Anahata C ( homepage )

04/04/2009 * 09:57:23

was fascinating to see how you came to this picture from a real sight in nature. But you transformed it all your way, and it's beautiful. Your sense of color can be ecstatic, and the way you turn natural line into areas of full light & life is beautiful. I saw the earlier version of this too, and I liked it as well. Beautiful work once again.

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