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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

Forest Flames aka Path awakening

by msonya , March 13, 2009—07:46 AM

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A dark forest bursting with flames of an inner kind, illuminating worlds both in the forest and miles beneath the earth. Your lower portions look as if lights from the core (& eons old) are activated by this flame and they're showing right through the surface. You use colors in a small space in ways many artists would shy away from for fear of overloading; yet in your hands, those colors are so natural it's as if they were there to begin with & you merely unearthed them & showed them to us. (Some of those lower sections are jewels...) As for mixed media, they speak, here, as one. If this is one of your first uploads, it makes one wonder what gems you've done before uploading here. No other word, it's profound

(comment on first mixed media) Anahata



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