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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

January's Return

by msonya , March 13, 2009—07:39 AM

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I guess I'm a fan, what can I say: This is where one sees your sense of color-inside-of-color; you don't simply 'apply' colors, you unearth them. It's a simple landscape, but pulsing from inside; your shadows are many, but they don't alter the life within the snow; I love those violets dancing across the field; and your sky seems in the middle of a minor mood-swing and feels vibrant. (And those violet bushes in the background__"that must be one of your color-families, one of those hue-families that chose you long ago.) I like the striated edges__"it gives the feeling of a print, but what's contained within is a little packed world. Open and intimate, and it's beautiful.

A spirit from the Renderosity Forum My love and light in Spirit to you Dear Anahata



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