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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog

Greater Castle Rock Colorado Art Guild Workshop

by msonya , February 25, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Mary Sonya Conti, Vibrant, mixed media, workshop

Mixed Media Workshop May 28-30, 2009

If your in the area I want to meet you!

Mary Sonya Conti Workshop in Mixed Media, Collage, Spectra Acrylic Inks, and Watercolor Roxborough Library, Lockheed Martin Meeting Room

3-day workshop $215 for members of GCRAG and/or PAG if paid by May 1 $220 for non-members and members paying after May 1

Sonya uses various kinds of paper and found objects such as leaves, twigs, pebbles, moss, etc. in both realistic and abstract work.

Greater Castle Rock Guild, Colorado




  Anahata ( homepage )

03/13/2009 * 08:01:52

by anahata.c on Feb 8, 2009 4:16:28 am [

this has to be seen full-view, because full-view is always higher resolution, and this image shines and has greater depth at higher resolution...There's much music & rhythm here, very evocative of jazz improvisation (I was a classical & jazz musician for many years), filled with fire & motion, and lots of organic forms that also seem to melt into flame. Your right-most panel has a dark-crimson tone to it which I really like; and I can see the butterfly, whose luminous greens stand out against the reds, browns, etc. And in parts this seems almost made of panes-of-glass. There's abstract expressionism in it, but it has an inwardness not always found in a.exp; and there's a touch of Chagall too. And your verticals, jutting through the mix, are highlighted by streaks that make them feel like light...Evocative of the music (calypso) and a very vital piece. If it's large, it would be great to see it full size! A favorite.

The internet lends itself to connection. And ever so often one crosses your path that speaks to you from an unknown world. In that moment one realizes that life is so much greater than you are because of those sharing this world. It's not that this man's words stroke my ego (feel am but only a student to his observations) It's that there are such lights out there as this one who takes the time to only offer inspiration to another. It is love and what greater gift can one give another. I send back love and light and hope your feeling better dear spirit in life.


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

03/03/2009 * 07:20:33

It is exactly all that. Wildflowers are a favorite of mine to use in acrylic inks. Leaves with deep veins are laid into the inks. Use of plastic wrap and or wax paper create the textures in and around. While working on this, oldest grandson had gone -garage saleing. Came back with a butterfly pendant that he just was sure would fit into the "flowers". We got busy and modified it so that it would lay flat, then applied it to the canvas. The acrylic high gloss pour seals it into the canvas. Although this piece is sold-he has the large print proudly displayed with memories of the day.


  Eric S. ( homepage )

03/03/2009 * 00:52:54

Looks like a very pleasant collage of natures plant life. Abstract but real! How do you manage that?

I think I see some butterfly's in there.

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