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by msonya , November 9, 2008—04:19 PM

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02/20/2009 * 21:02:20

Who has not stopped and wondered at the sight of a full moon? Is it a primal call which reflects the light from within. As the ocean waters recede in low tide to the power of our earthly satellite so give I my dreams of tomorrow. A story perhaps, thought or wishes of what might be.
Signature trademark, yea have one. There is not a piece of work that doesn't start with a Dove either covered over with the media or left for all to see (The Good Earth) then often in my mark at end. You see to me it represents the Spirit of us all from start to end and everything in between.
Rather than admire, cross my path as you have and connect. With love and appreciation in you.



02/20/2009 * 20:28:48

What is the story behind this painting?
What is your signature trademark in your paintings. Do you have a special mark in your paintings that is only specific to you? if so, what may that be. Beautiful work Sonya, keep up the fantastic work. We are all huge admirers.



11/20/2008 * 21:39:22

This forever and day will be may most favorite painting of yours. Reminds me of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I love it, love it. and hopefully one day wishes I could visit this place.

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