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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog


by msonya , October 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Vibrant, Yupo, cliff, saran wrap, seascape, wax paper, wool

This piece is evolving. It is done with several different techniques with acrylic inks.




  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

02/20/2009 * 17:04:54

Went to first meet and greet and the experience was outstanding. Not only did the Art at the Trace, sponsored by Centerville Arts provide this painter with the opportunity of showing work; they gave me needed experience in doing justice to the Public. Wrote about the experience to favorite blog that follow daily.

Art by Mary Sonya Conti
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Practicing Quiet Confidence (Lori Woodward Simons), Revisited

Mary Sonya Conti Wrote:

Dear Lori,

it's seems this was right on the mark in speaking to my own personal experience at the meet and greet attended Saturday night. The one piece of work that am so sure of; fell flat because worried too much about what the gentleman was saying and HIS body language. Am so worried about offending someone by inserting my beliefs that stammered and hesitated not to make a sale but worst; of explaining my thought process behind Ascension. Granted this was the first experience had at this time kind of venue but walked away from it so angry at myself for not stating clearly what the work meant while creating it. Had spoken about the piece several times over the evening to various individuals. How it talked to me and showed me the path that should be found within (in my opinion). Very brief statements and individuals who were receptive to the work. Have gone over the discussion (was lengthy due to he told me that since had chosen the title should clearly state and not become a total loss explaining it to anyone). Now this gentleman was not there to pull me down; rather believe he was there to better my foundation (based on responses from his own clearly animated discussion). Oh, have been over this so many times in last several days; but found there is a better way to discuss your work. Stop getting caught up in what you "read" in those who talk with you. Keep it brief and to the heart. Thank you for writing this piece. Helps to clarify.

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  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

12/12/2008 * 21:12:48

Each artist has one piece that speaks or defines their hand in life; or so I have come to believe.

The artwork is varied in techniques by design yet has a visual tie which goes beyond abstract.
Ascension by definition states it is a process to become a non corporeal entity on a higher plane of existence.
The path(s) through the artwork begin at cliff bottom; up and over numerous hand and foot holds that lead into an area of the painting which is a deep crevice. Above this area are three corner stones (Father, Son (Brother) Holy Spirit) who await the entity to reach up; continue their journey. The progress becomes more colorful and easier hand holds until the entity stands in all the light on a cliff top that is transparent. There are two lone trees standing at the top with a mirror of two rocks at their base. This answer is a reminder we are never alone in life. The entity's trip is not finalized. Before it lays the vast turbulent waters of its' spiritual journey. The water is not calm; the waves ebb and recede with force, power testing the entity and at the same time pulling ones' spirit to the rocks that are elevated as a final stroke which waves swell and spill over. These rocks are more dynamic and true to life in appearance; they are foundation of faith. Should the spirit continue on through the troubled waters the knowledge, definition of understanding is the light which envelopes this spirit and lifts the soul up into the arms of our creator. All the colors of the artwork the textures clashing and exploding, are but reflections of the "choirs of angels" and the death of earthbound entities that have traveled towards this light to join as one.

This artwork is not a beginning nor an end. It reflects as above and so below.
While am aware that this explanation may "turn some folks off" to the work; it is important to provide more than an artists statement at this time in my life.

We are spiritual beings in human form struggling daily with the light and love ever present in and around us. Thank you for being a part of my life in this brief moment.


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

10/13/2008 * 20:38:00

Mary, wool was used in the sky area to create a dramatic feel for the clouds with wax paper (used in the rock area) fought the seas with plastic and finger painting when laying down the acrylic inks. In looking at the finished product think have overloaded it and taken away from the theme. Start each piece with a this case Ascention was chosen. Wanted to develope it slowly as Yupo takes off on you. Just posted the finished pic but it does look better in person if your as in love with color as I am. All the happy little paths came out at one point or another with this one.


  Mary ( homepage )

10/03/2008 * 10:51:55

Wow is right Jessica, this is gorgeous. It must be unbelievable in person. Mary Sonya, can you give us a little more info on the materials?


  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

10/03/2008 * 02:22:54

Wow! It's stunning. I love the colors and the way water and sky shimmer.

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