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Mary-Sonya Conti Art Blog


by msonya , July 26, 2008—10:40 PM

Topics: Yupo

Have you ever worked on Yupo this is a work in progress-done with several techniques




  Anahata.C ( homepage )

04/17/2009 * 11:10:28

by anahata.c on Apr 17, 2009 1:04:09 am [http://homepage]

good lord, how did I ever miss this? I just saw it on your fineartamerica page, and read your thoughts, and I have to say, this takes my breath away: It truly does capture the sense of the soul ascending, and anyone, from any background could take your journey with you. And I saw the materials you used, and I'm amazed at how you came to this final vision. The paints and pigments feel like etched light, and at the same time like a great molten cosmic substance shaped into a big painting of the soul. It's luminous. And your color groups once again sing with with each other in the sky, in the water and in those amazing rocks on shore, etc...they're like your color groupings everywhere, only here they have an almost apocalyptic quality—from the original meaning of the word, "to reveal hidden things"...What you do with colors and the textures you create with them is marvelous; and those deep blues on the right are to die for. This is inspired art through and through. If I had this on my wall, I'd find it hard to leave the room.


  Vikki North ( homepage )

03/03/2009 * 17:41:35

This really is gorgeous Sonya. What I love about all your work is that you're so diverse in your stylings and subject selection.

It's very fresh and yielding unending surprises at every turn.


  tonya hunter

12/07/2008 * 18:07:47

Sonya, this is such an awesome piece...

To me it looks like heaven touching earth!

You have brought this piece to life,
no doubt one of your greatest




11/20/2008 * 21:34:48

A beautiful, disturbance like the beginning of times. I would love to be here to witness the contrast of colors as they collide. The cliffs look so sharp and crisp. Almost, like they would cut if you stood upon them.


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

11/20/2008 * 11:48:24

Each artist has one piece that speaks or represents their hand in life; or so I have come to believe. This is the work that realize speaks for the individual I have become and will be in the days ahead.
The artwork is abstract by design yet has a visual tie which goes beyond abstract. Ascension by definition states it is a process to become a non-corporeal entity on a higher plane of existence.
The path (s) through the artwork can start at cliff bottom, up and over numerous hand and foot holds that lead up or into an area of the painting which is a deep hole. Above this area are three corner stones (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) awaiting the entity to reach up and continue their journey. The progress becomes more colorful and better hand holds until the entity stands in all the light on a foundation that is transparent. There are two standing at the top as well as two rocks forming a backdrop atop the cliff.
We are never alone in life. The entity's trip is not finalized. Before it lays the vast turbulent waters of spiritual journey. These waters are not calm; they ebb and recede with force and power testing the entity and at the same time pulling them to the rocks that stand against the waves that crash down upon them. These rocks are more dynamic and solid looking as they are foundations of the spiritual test. Should the entity continue on through the troubled waters the "reward" test, definition of struggle is the light which envelopes the entity and lifts into the sky which is full of all the colors of the artwork. Reflections of the "choirs of angels" and the death of earthbound entities that travel towards this light.
This artwork is not a beginning nor an end. It reflects as above and so below.
While am aware that this explanation may "turn some folks off" to the work; it is important to provide a statement at this time in my life. We are spiritual beings in human form struggling daily with the light and love ever present in and around us.
Thank you for being a part of my life if you have read this statement. Blessings and calm for your spirit in these trying times.

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