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Mary-Sonya Conti

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We socially network, share, twitter, face book, and post. These have become popular vehicles to market our art. But are we really hitting home with these short sound bites? Do folks want more; do they get bored and click away? Thank you ARTID.COM and to all those who work so hard in making this both a resource and gallery that represents positively for the artist in me. You give me voice and stroke; my thanks at times are not enough. Also belong to another site: where started this posting early this morn as the snow fell softly o're my world. For all the memories have wanted to share the inner felt emotion of this season to any who happen to cross my path along the way not with a piece of art but with my childlike memory share… Continue reading… 0 comments


by msonya , September 27, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Mary Sonya Conti, Yupo, angels, art, expressionism, seascape, spiritual artwork

This particular work is now "on hold" What does that mean? If you truly understand the work it is meant to be yours. A layaway plan made it possible for it to go home with them (hopefully by the holidays). What is most important; it is going to the one meant to have it with unconditional love. Certain artwork that bears a stroke becomes a part of you and we find it very difficult to turn loose of that work. Had put off offering this piece until Late September. Even then thought will wait one more week. In answer, it is being purchased by the one had hoped would understand the need. For this I give thanks for the answer to a prayer… Continue reading… 1 comment

The Patriot

by msonya , July 14, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Honor, Patriot, angels, flag, love, www.theartistchallenge…

Belong to site This month's challenge was the Patriot theme. Thoughts of the wounded or deceased soldiers returning home and the families who lives would be changed forever. This has long been nestled in my senses with sadness and being a contributor to the Veterans Charity considered an image that would focus on the families who supported the return home of the ones who made a choice to serve. As the days turned to weeks it became harder and harder to depict this pain. I became overwhelmed; so my brush became busy with another concept… Continue reading… 2 comments