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Whether your request is for "a one of a kind" certificate, calligraphy for reproduction or requests for diplomas, seating charts, envelopes, I offer professional choices and timely delivery. 1 comment


I fell in love with calligraphy before I knew the word. The childhood Disney movies would start with a fabulously decorated versal "O" for the "Once upon a time" and my heart would jump. I needed to know how to do it. I started my studies in the early '70s at Emmanuel College under Sr. Vincent dePaul, before calligraphy courses were common. From Emmanuel, I went to Saturday classes at Harvard U extension and studied under E. Helene Sherman. I was fortunate to be able teach both children and adults at Massasoit, QJC, and community programs.

When the computer became common in the '80s, everyone became their own "calligrapher." I joined the ranks and learned Photoshop and design programs, keeping a few core clients and individuals who knew the difference between calligraphy and computer generated fonts. My second break came as a result of George W. Bush's election. I was one of a dozen calligraphers in the country asked to assist in addressing envelopes. Very awesome and really cool. Although I was not invited to the Inaugural, I have a copy of the invitations and a sample of my addressed envelopes on my website: I have recently been pursuing replication of my work on postcards, mugs, etc. as well as continuing individual requests and calligraphic artwork. I relocated to TN and found the active Nashville Calligraphers Guild which I participate in. I have developed a great interest in the internet and web promotions. I use PhotoShop to combine photo images and calligraphy. Hey, I'm having fun. I hope you enjoy my work.


My studio is in my prvate home
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