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Moxxy Simmons About

Moxxy is a Master Visual Artist and motivator. He enjoys creating unique, one of a kind masterpieces for his clients as well as painting powerful words of motivation on the canvas of minds worldwide. Yes, he's that guy they call...Moxxy! Add Comment


Mark "Moxxy" Simmons is a master visual communicator, fine artist and all around creative genius who dares to venture beyond the borders of ordinary art. He's not just a fine artist, but he's also a seasoned graphic artist possessing a degree in Visual Communication. While in college, he interned with Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida where he was mentored by top character designers. Over the years, he's evolved as an artist and is continually perfecting his craft. His ability to artistically communicate the imagination of his clients is what allows him to reign in a creative realm all of his own. While he primarily produces realism oil paintings, he has the creative capacity to produce various other styles of paintings (abstract, landscape, or whatever his clients so desire.)

Moxxy truly enjoys engaging in process of developing concepts and ideas with his clients. Once he's able to grasp what the client desires to have created, he meticulously approaches the project with boldness and skill. His work displays a unique sense of style, character and charisma on canvas that funnels your vision and his skill together to fuse something truly extraordinary and one-of-a-kind. His masterpieces are for the confident, the curious and the bold. Upon each and every canvas is a new story to be told. Will yours will be next?


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