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shawn morrissey 8 x 10 Traditional Japanese ..

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8 x 10 Traditional Japanese Asian Dragon Drawing
8" x 10"
Drawing / Graphite
$100.00 Purchase

8 x 10 Traditional Japanese Asian Dragon Drawing

This drawing depicts a traditional style Japanese Dragon writhing around in a body of water, holding a pearl. Japanese dragons may often symbolize guardianship, protection, strength, or power. They were considered water deities and are often shown in, or around, bodies of water or clouds. Water, itself, is a symbol for life. A pearl, when shown in the clutches of a dragon, may represent wealth, wisdom, good luck, or prosperity. This drawing is done in pen & ink and graphite on cold press illustration board which measures 8 x 10 inches. The Transparent "COPYRIGHT" watermark across the photo DOES NOT appear on the actual drawing. This is an original drawing...NOT A PRINT. It is signed by the artist. Copyright 2010 Shawn Morrissey ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.