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David m Morgan Art Blog

Wind Across Her Check

by morganartworks , March 11, 2009—12:00 AM

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Focusing on what the weave can acheive itself this piece is created from two enlarged images with a finished size of 28"w x 36"h. Using the new curve on curve weave it displays an amazing optic responce as one see it upclose and from far away. The images softly blend together revealing the smiling face of the wind as it blows across the check of the woman silently standing. An amazing finished result from delicate curved cutting and the tedious weaving of the paper to create the collage.




  Gina Weeks

03/28/2012 * 16:58:50

I Love all of your artwork , but there's just something about the woven art that I'm drawn to . It's so unique & different Thank you . Gina

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