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David m Morgan Maple Fire Flame

Maple Fire FlameFall of the Paw PawsCurled Old White Oak FallFloating DecayMaple BranchBurning Bush
Maple Fire Flame
20" x 16" x 6"
Sold at $250.00

Maple Fire Flame

Part of the Levitating Leaf series of kinetic mobile this sculpture has been created using several varietys of Maple trees. leaves collected in the Fall season of 2010. These real leaves are delicately held by a thin golden wire armature. The Movement is soft and sweet with dancing shadows! But they are extremely delicate. I suggest placement away from direct or heavy sunlight as the UV rays will diminish the color. Above a lamp in the corner of a room is the ideal place as the heat from the bulb is enough to set the mobile into motion. These sculptures have been a favorite with new babies for the natural shapes, deep shadows and at the seemingly constant motion. I have sold many in galleries and they are very well received from a wide audience. Many sales have resulted in me having to perfect a shipping design. And I have successful shipped around the country with little or no damage. But a leaf is a leaf and it does crumble when stepped on. The questions everyone asks once they realize it is a real dried leaf…What do I use to protect them and how long will it last? Well that’s a hard answer. There are many for different people. To uphold the natural beauty I have chosen not to use any medium to coat the leaves for protection. When first experimenting with the leaves many of the materials I was playing with to create a protective surface made the appearance look like plastic, fake, and unnatural and did nothing to help the strength of the leaf itself. The facts are that once hung these leaves will never decay because they are not in contact with any soil structure which contains microbes that brake down organics… Once hung they normally never come in contact with anything to cause damage. But it is a leaf! How long can an eternally falling leaf last???? I can say I still have some of the original designs from over 9 years ago that I have kept as examples. These sculptures over most of the other designs and influences I create in grab the true beauty of the world around us. It could be said that Mother Nature is the real artist here I’ve just put them together in this way. Thanks for the time spent and the appreciation.