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David m Morgan Bait Ball

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Bait Ball
84" x 84" x 84"
Animal / Fish

Bait Ball

A very large installation sized sculpture. The Bait Ball tells the story of several hundred silver sardines that have swormed together as five large yellow fin tuna circle around them. A similiar situation seen many times in the open ocean. But with the research I had done to prepare for a show of aquatic environments, a statistic stuck in my mind concerning the ammounts of plastic bag found in the oceans. Little bits and pieces that the smaller fish eat that then the larger fish eat - on and on. And we wonder why high levels of heavy metals and other substances can be found in the fish we eat. So within the "ball" I used strips of blue shopping bags to help create water in its movement and a blending point for the glass shards used for shin and color and the patina on the copper wire. Yet beyond that the structure quickly became a globe form. So to help send the measage of over fishing I bent wire in the siloettes of the continents and rusted them. creating a deep red amounst the blues and silver of the fish. A Big piece, both in its creation but in the inception of what I had to say.