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David m Morgan Goldworthys Red Splash Swimm..

Goldworthys Red Splash Swimming Walden WavesSpring Glass Grass and FlowersSea Shell Surf WaveSurfing Silver Sunshine Waves
Goldworthys Red Splash Swimming Walden Waves
42" x 64" x 24"
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Goldworthys Red Splash Swimming Walden Waves

Taken from direct influences of both the writing of Henry David Thoreau and the natural art of Andrew Goldsworthy. Thoreau discribes the colors of Wladen pond to be the blues of the reflections of the sky, and the light greens of the shore "which gradually deepens to a uniform dark green in the body of the pond." In his Rivers and Tides documentary Andy Goldworthy creates impromptu moments of art. He crushes small red rocks into a mound of fine powder that he mixes with water from a stream to create a ball of red iron oxide clay. With a gentle motion he tosses the ball into a still section of the stream and with a splash of red violence the color clouds it's way down the slow current. With the colors of glass and the motion of a mobile it was this action that I tried to recreate.