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David m Morgan Red Orange Gold Fish

Clown FishGold Scales Fire FishSilver Swimming SharkSilver SkeletonRed Orange Gold FishDead Fish
Red Orange Gold Fish
3" x 6" x 4"
Animal / Fish
Sculpture / Metal
Sold at $35.00

Red Orange Gold Fish

Small sparkles of red and orange glass with a blue shard that spins under the swimming fish. This new series of the Gold Fish Bowls were created as a direct influence from Alexander Calder’s Finny Fish and Fish Bowl series. In an attempt to walk away from the classic ceiling hanging Mobile sculpture, these free standing and wall mounted sculptures are the next wave of work that is specifically made to be more of a representational definition of what can be created while still working in and with modern materials and designs, yet still experimenting with and utilizing motion as an important part of the sculpture. Each fish gently swims within a gold ring creating a current within the simple linear wire bowl that continues to drive the motion in a fun playful way similar to a real fish in a small glass bowl.