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It is the movement of kinetic mobile sculpture that has been a driving force for me and the art I create. Through a mixture of metals and shapes to cuts of sharp colorful glass shards or delicate natural materials sculptures that hold a simple playful soft movement that engage the viewer always showing a different face to observe. It is that same sense of fanciful flow I try to create in the photo collage images I weave together using shape and color to create a dance of still movement or the watercolor paints I float and print off glass. 15 comments


Raised in Montana, it was the wide open spaces that inspired me as an artist. From the commanding faces of the mountains to the delicate wild flower blossoms seen underfoot and the changes of the seasons hold a sense of detail that I try to mimic in everything I create. As a self-taught artist I have to rely on the fundamentals I learned at Charles M Russell High School in Great Falls Montana. I was lucky to have unique teachers and individuals that shared their passions with no reserve. Yet as a leaving leason I learned the art I was creating was always within me and that anything I wanted to learn was always within my grasp. For more that a decade I have painted in oils and watercolors, I have drawn life as I see it, I have written words of rhyme and prose, I have played music of jazzy blue, I have created sculpture that is ment to be touched and moved, and I have enjoyed running my own business as a specialized contract carpenter.

I continue to learn from the art and artists of the past and in the living present. From the Mobile master himself Alexander Calder, international artists like Albert Paley, Frank Stella and Jean Claude & Cristo, Ohio glass artists Christopher Ries and Jason Antol and Montana sculptors like Debra Butterfield, Charles Ringer, and George Ybarra have influenced me with their form and structure their own playful motion and their control over the materials. I enjoy painters like Monet, Van Gogh, Kevin Red Star, and Earl Biss who use their ability to create a dialogue with basic color, simple form and passionate stroke yet tell a story of time and place.

I have been successful in showing my many facets of art in a wide variety of galleries and events in Montana and Ohio. Yet in the last two years I have concentrated in pursuing the larger world. In January of 2008 I celebrated my first showing in New York City with a wonderful response. 2008 has marked a busy year for me creating very unique and very large private commissions. Now I feel as if the internet might have a place for me as well.

I can simlply say I look forward to each new challange of artistic intrigue.


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