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Maureen Lange About

A mixed-media painter with work spanning over 35 years, Maureen Lange explores whatever subject, style and medium that inspires her at the moment. Having paintings in various private collections she is always competing with herself to further refine her technique and keep fresh approaches to her style. She currently works out of her private studio in Northern Idaho and hopes to launch some new approaches and content soon. 1 comment


Art is more of a lifestyle than a profession for Maureen as she cannot remember a time when she was not "doing art".

God put the gift of art appreciation and expression in her and her linage, so it was never far from influencing her in some way.

Her great-grandmother was from France and moved to Florence, Italy to study art there. She and her Italian husband immigrated to New York where she became a dress designer. Their grandson (Maureen's father) became an accomplished musician as well as a portrait artist and cartoonist. So, as a child, in the high desert of Southern California--growing up with no TV--she thought it only natural to take a pad of paper and draw the hours away listening to music.

She came to a point where the choice between music and art came to a head. Art won and for a time she went to college as an art major.

Direction changed with marriage and a move to Western Washington where for the next 25+ years she found inspiration with the lush surrounding areas in the Pacific Northwest. This infused her with mission to record as much as she could with her brush--oils being the medium of choice.

After concentrated tutoring under various accomplished artists she began to join the art world in shows, as well as did some private teaching.

Moving again, this time to the Inland Northwest to the very tip of Northern Idaho gave her access to a new range of spectacular scenery with a short jaunt over the border into Canada for more subject matter.

A further breakthrough came when she had the opportunity to study under the late world-famous artist Zoltan Szabo who encouraged her style further.

After various times of hiatus to her painting career, she is now taking her years of learning and processing and is seeking to infuse new expression in her work from her private studio under the name of Northern Color Artworks. This name coming from the color that the far north has even in bleak winters--there is always a nuance to be found to capture in whatever medium to her fits the mood.

Airbrush has become a tool of choice to combine with her applications in watermedia from inks and acrylics to, of course, watercolor--but not limited to--as she also works with soft pastel.

The fulfillment of her love of music came later as she pursued learning the violin and is a part of different music venues.

She has done various commissioned works; as well as participated in local art community activity. The inspiration she gains from other artists is ongoing; and she is very grateful for all who have had input and encouragement into her pursuit of the arts.


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