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M.Maaroufi About

Maaroufi'art represents the female body as a trace of memory. What remains, at the end, is simply a circulated form reminiscient of the womb wherein the baby identifies totally with the mother.This strong bound is considered to be a reflection of self presence.the presentation of the female body goes beyond its transparent corporal figuration. it becomes a form of expresion or a traject to self revelation .Maaroufi has strong faith in art and likes to paint on the principle of breaking the fences that separate between man and man. His art reinforces the universality of human values reguardless of the difference of religion,gender and race. 1 comment


M Maaroufi was born in Morocco in 1967. He recieved his bacholar degree in liberal arts in 1991 . He came to New York a decade a go.He has been working on his art series" Trace of Memory"Through all those years. Although his work experience diversified, he never stopped painting. Art allowed him the stamina to work under pressure and increase his creativity.His art has been exposed to to the public since 1986 in Morocco, France and The United States .


*Franklin Furnace foundation, New York

*The Organization of independend artists, New York

*Berlitz language Center , New York

*Comtempory Art Network, New York

*Ward-Nasse Gallery , New York.

*Minerva Press, London,England

*The Ministry of Cultural affairs, Morocco

*The Ministry of Youth and Sport, Morocco

*Liaison Franco-Moroccan,Morocco.


New York


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