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My original interest in photography was to focus on and capture detail that might be overlooked as beautiful or interesting by my peers. When this detail is pointed out in a general scene, many viewers continue to fail to notice the beauty of this element in a scene. I have chosen to remove the subject of my photography from it's context, and placed it in a different environment - your home or office. In this manner, when properly framed and removed from the scene, several layers of paint splattered on a seasoned painter's pants might be reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting. Rust on an old furl storage tank might resemble a canyon reflecing into a lake, and the list continues.

My camera equipment: I do not use a special camera or expensive equipment. The camera I use is completely affordable for anybody.

My awareness of these subjects began when I noted several years ago that rust, chipped paint, wear and tear, and many other facets of the deteroriation of man-made objects begins to take on very random, natural almost fractal forms. It is the arbitrary formation of rust and other elements that captures my attention. My only task is to remove my subjects from their surrounding distractions.


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